SketchUp Tutorial

Today in HST 251, we learned about 3D Modeling using a tool called SketchUp. It was a very fun tool to use, but it also seemed useful in a historical context. Using a tool like SketchUp makes it easy to  visualize a historical space (whether a building or a landscape) in a way that is much easier than attempting to draw it oneself. It can give a sense of place and allow a person to interact with the historical space in a way that a description or a static image don’t allow.  We made very simple houses as a tutorial, and I tried to do some interesting things with my roof which turned out… well, not so great. However, I have used SketchUp to make castles and recreations of scenes from video games in the past, and they turned out pretty well, so I’m curious to see the other ways in which we can use 3D modeling to visualize historical data.

My “house” that I constructed in SketchUp.

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