Roman Marching Camp Placement in Scotland: Lab Notebook #4

We’re finally here! The final version of the project — now called An Army’s Footsteps: Roman Temporary Camps in Scotland — is finally up and running. It’s been a very busy few weeks since the last lab notebook entry, and on reflection there’s a lot to write about. Even though the work at the center […]

SketchUp Tutorial

Today in HST 251, we learned about 3D Modeling using a tool called SketchUp. It was a very fun tool to use, but it also seemed useful in a historical context. Using a tool like SketchUp makes it easy to¬† visualize a historical space (whether a building or a landscape) in a way that is […]

Maps and Digital History Research

Why Maps? My history with maps goes back a very, very long way. My first memory of being fascinated by maps goes back before I could drive, before I was involved in sports most days after school, to when I was a small child, getting dropped off by my mom at my dad’s classroom. My […]

Changes In The Space Around Us

Over the past hour or so, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about where I can even begin to talk about the word “space”. I’m still not sure that I have a real answer — there are so many meanings, so many contexts, and so many things we can call spaces that the term […]