Maps and Digital History Research

Why Maps? My history with maps goes back a very, very long way. My first memory of being fascinated by maps goes back before I could drive, before I was involved in sports most days after school, to when I was a small child, getting dropped off by my mom at my dad’s classroom. My […]

Changes In The Space Around Us

Over the past hour or so, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about where I can even begin to talk about the word “space”. I’m still not sure that I have a real answer — there are so many meanings, so many contexts, and so many things we can call spaces that the term […]

Topic Modeling the Panama Papers, One Way Or Another

If there is any major news story in recent times that lends itself to having an extreme amount of takes, angles, and approach vectors, that story probably would be the Panama Papers. Although it was never the ground-breaking, firestorm-inducing bombshell that many people thought it could be when the news first broke, the grand scale […]